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Disco Parties

Disco Parties

Discos are not really popular in the Asian countries as much they are in the European and American countries. In many countries, discos are legalized and it is very normal to party until late night. Countries with a conservative religion and norms usually don’t support disco parties or late night partying thus they lack in discos.

Disco Party

In the western culture, it is very normal to attend a disco party. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your fifties or a teenager you can always choose and go to a disco party of your type. Disco parties are expensive too especially the ones arranged in pubs or discos. They require high maintenance and the costs increases due to fancy lightings glasses party decors food disco jockey and most importantly the disco ball.

Music and parties are two things no one in the world can say no to. Both are like a couple. A good party always needs a good music. Parties are of different types. Out of all these types, there is one such party known as disco party. Here disco balls are the center of attraction.  Dark room with flashing lights of all colors makes the party more energetic and colorful. What adds as a cherry on the top is good music. Disco songs or many other songs are played. Songs are mostly played by a disc jockey. The disc jockeys will either play songs selected by him or the ones that you guys ask for. Below are a few popular songs of all time played in a disco party.


  1. U96 by Das Boot
  2. Orient by La Rondino
  3. Three-O by Mamma Maria
  4. Bad Boys Blue by The World Without You
  5. Modern Clubbing by Cheri Cheri Lady (Modern Talking)
  6. First Love by Self Control
    7. E-Type by Here I Go Again (Disco Remix)
  7. C.C.Catch by Shake Your Head

9 Loft by Summer Summer

  1. Clox by Axel F (Harold Faltermeyer)
  2. Icehouse by Hey Little Girl
  3. Secret Service by Flash In The Night (Remix)
  4. Icehouse by Lay All Your Hands On Me
  5. Purple Beat by Disco Inferno
  6. Fancy by Slice Me Nice (Remix)
  7. Phunk Investigation Vs. Simply Red by Fake

17 Special D by Home Alon

Disco parties are of many types. Some include themes. Themes might be one such as Christmas theme or Halloween theme. You dress accordingly. For a Christmas party, the entire disco hall will be decorated differently and probably in red and white. There are special disco sunglasses available too. This party will have a completely different food menu and all the people shall dress according to the theme.

Likewise in a Halloween themed disco party everyone shall dress up like a ghost. The entire disco hall shall look scary and shall flash lights such as red maybe to build up the environment. Songs are also chosen and played accordingly. Probably some eerie and scary or creepy songs shall be played.

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